How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

February 17, 2021

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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Your Memories From The Day

You’ve got engaged and booked your wedding venue. Now you are wondering how to choose your wedding photographer. As a wedding photographer myself I do understand how important this decision is for many couples. It’s also a very tough decision and one that’s so important to get right. Your wedding photographer is not just taking photos at your wedding. He is there to document all those special moments and memories on the most amazing day of your life. As time goes by these memories become more and more precious. 

Firstly, my advice would definitely be to take your time when choosing your wedding photographer. Your wedding is a once in a life time event. You can not go back and recreate these memories of how it all felt. Following the simple steps below on How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer should help you make the right decision.

As Barry White said, “Let’s get busy!”.

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Find a style you like

It’s important you find the style of wedding photography that suits you both as a couple. You must remember that not all wedding photographers are the same. There are many different styles to choose from like documentary, alternative and traditional to name a few. My advice would be to look at these different styles and make a note of what type of images stand out for you. Maybe it’s the fun and quirky images that you both like. Maybe you like the beautiful rich colours and tones in an image. We all have different tastes when it comes to something like wedding photography. At the end of the day you must ask yourself the question. Do we like the photographer’s work?

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Do your research and make a short list

If don’t know where to look don’t panic. Google is a good place to start. You could also check out One Fay Day or Weddings Online to get you started. Remember that this is a big decision. We are talking about the memories from one of the best days of your life. Take your time to research and start making a shortlist of different photographers whose work stands out and speaks to you. Make sure you like their brand and take a good look around their website. Find out why they do what they do. Take a look at some of their more recent weddings and blog posts. This will give you a good idea of how a photographer approaches a wedding day. You can also check them out on Instagram or Facebook. One of the most important things to look for is consistency in their work. 

Get reviews and recommendations

This is a really important part of the process. Have a look on a photographer’s website for reviews from past couples. Don’t stop there. You can also get some social proof and feedback from Google reviews, One Fay Day and Weddings Online who have sections dedicated to reviews. 

Get In Touch

Once you have made a short list of photographers whose work you have fallen in love with, it’s time to get in touch. Go to their contact pages on their website and enquire about what they offer. Give some details about you as a couple. Also tell them about your vision for your wedding day and what attracted you to their work. As a wedding photographer it really excites me when a couple adds some personality to an enquiry. After you have made your enquiries you can sit back and wait for each photographer to respond. Take a note of each response and who’s responded the best. I feel this is important. You should receive a pricing guide that tells you everything you need to know. You should know what they offer, what you will receive back after the wedding and how long it all takes.  All this information should narrow your search down.

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Meet up for a chat

Your list now probably consists of about two or three of your favourite wedding photographers. You may find that you still can’t make a final decision. This is when you email them back and ask can you arrange a chat to say hello and discuss your wedding plans. You can either try meet in person or via a Zoom call. It’s also a good time for them to go through their different packages and explain how they approach the day. You can also ask them what you will receive after the wedding and when. I’m passionate about wedding photography so I love meeting with potential couples and explaining to them how it all works. You can use this meeting to see if you all get along and are on the same page. Your photographer will be around you and your guests for most of the wedding day. It’s important you feel comfortable around each other. Ask yourself if their personality would fit in with you and your guests on the day.

Decision Time

It’s time to make that all important decision. If you have followed all the steps above you should be confident and excited that you have a wedding photographer whose work you love. You will also have someone who gets along with you both like a friend and who has your back on the wedding day. Never ever make a decision like this without doing the research. Don’t ask a mate who has a camera and thinks he can do it. Please don’t treat it as a box ticking exercise and another vendor off the list. Your memories from the day are far too important for that.

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