How To Plan A Stress Free Wedding Morning

June 12, 2020

Bride Guide

The morning of your wedding is where your story begins. The bridal prep is a really special part of the day. I usually arrive at about 10:30am. My main aim is to capture the morning as it happens in the most natural way possible. I’m not the type of wedding photographer who likes to set up any moments. I feel that this gets in the way of these beautiful moments happening themselves. Whether you decide to get ready at home or at the venue, the morning of a wedding can be pretty hectic. You and your bridesmaids and maybe your mum will be having their hair and make up done. Flowers will be arriving, your Mum and Dad will want to see you in your dress for the first time. You also have the small matter of making it to the ceremony on time. Don’t panic, if you follow some of the tips below you will have a stress free morning. This simple checklist will give you plenty of time to have fun with your bridesmaids and share some special moments with your family.

wedding dress hanging on a mirror wedding flowers

Have a timeline for hair and make up:

In advance of your wedding have a chat with your hair and make up artists about what time you need to start. During your hair and make up trials you can time how long this takes to prepare yourself for the day. To help make things run as smoothly as possible make sure your bridesmaids know the order of whose next to have their hair and make up done. Try to avoid having your make up done last if possible. If hair and make up do start to run a little late this can cause unnecessary stress. Don’t worry about your make up not being fresh for the church. Your make up artist will usually touch up your make up when you are in your dress and ready to leave.

Let there be light:

Before your wedding think about where you are going to have your hair and make up done. My advice would be to use the room with the biggest windows which usually means the best light. If you want your bridal prep photos to look amazing. Have your hair and make up done in natural window light. This is always the best option.

bride having her makeup donebride putting on ear rings

Ask for help:

You are not alone of the morning of your wedding. You are surrounded by your best mates and all your family. It’s your very special day and people are only too willing to give you a dig out. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask for help by delegating some jobs to your bridesmaids and family members. This can include; keeping an eye on your timeline, paying your suppliers, manning the phone in case any jobs need to be dealt with. The bottom line is that all you need to do is enjoy a stress free morning. Enjoy the moment and have the perfect start to the day.

mother of the bride ironing

Can you photograph the groom prep?

I always try to make sure I can get some photos of the lads getting ready. To make this possible you both could consider getting ready near each other on the morning of the wedding. The perfect scenario is if you both decide to get ready at the venue. This makes it really easy for me to meet with the groom and get some photos of him and his groomsmen. If the distance between the bride prep and the groom prep is too far I usually meet the guys before the ceremony and get some shots of them as they welcome your guests.

groom at Burtown House

Food glorious food:

Make sure you have a proper breakfast on the morning of the wedding. This will set you up nicely for the day. If you are getting ready at home you could save time by ordering breakfast and having it delivered to your home for the whole bridal party. On the other hand if you have decided to get ready at the venue, don’t forget to order room service the night before. After you leave for the ceremony it could be a while before you eat again at the reception. You don’t want to spend half the day on an empty stomach.

Good music good vibes:

As a wedding photographer I always find that everyone seems much more relaxed during the bridal prep when they are listening to their favourite tunes. It’s a great way to ease any nerves in the room and get the party started. You and your bridesmaids could have a bit of fun before the wedding by putting together a playlist of your favourite songs on Spotify.

When to be ready:

I always advise brides to be ready about 45 minutes before they need to leave for the ceremony. This will give you some time to take a deep breath and have a well needed glass of Prosecco. It will also give you time for your family to see you in the dress for the first time which is an emotional moment for everyone. Make sure you practice putting on your dress before the morning of the wedding so you know exactly what button goes where. Also remember to use the bathroom before putting on your dress. It may be a while before you get another chance. The time just before you leave the house and when you arrive at the church can be the most nervous time of a wedding day. If you are running a little late these nerves can sometimes turn to stress. By giving yourself that 45 minute period of calm you won’t feel rushed out the door and you can enjoy a stress free trip to the church.

bride putting on her wedding dress bride putting on her wedding shoes

Don’t sweat the small stuff :

My final tip is not to worry about the small stuff. You have waited so long for this day that feeling a bit anxious is totally normal. Little things may go wrong on the morning of the wedding that can be magnified by the nerves of the occasion. It’s normal for wedding timelines to change slightly during the day. Try to be a little flexible with it. The important thing that you enjoy the morning. You want to look back on every part of the day with happy memories. By following some of the tips above and having prepared a timeline for the morning you will feel a lot more in control of what’s happening.

bride putting on her wedding shoes bride walking down the stairs

I hope this was useful for helping you plan a stress free wedding morning. If you’re looking for some inspiration and would like to see more of Clare & Matt’s wedding click here