Top Wedding MakeUp Tips

January 7, 2021

Top Wedding Makeup Tips With Makeup Artist Fiona Harrison

Finding the perfect makeup artist for your wedding can feel like a daunting task.  Some brides who are not sure where to start. There are so many questions that need to be answered before making that all important decision.  I’ve teamed up with one of the countries leading makeup artists, Fiona Harrison of The Makeup studio to answer all these questions. Fiona also gives you some much needed wedding makeup tips and advice. This will definitely help you make the right decisions about your wedding makeup . Fiona talks about some of the common makeup mistakes brides make and what products all brides should have handy on the day for touch ups. Find out the best way a bride can prep her skin before having her makeup done and much much more.

Thanks to Fiona for sharing her expertise and knowledge in this blog.

bride having her makeup done


Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your business?

My love for makeup goes back to my teens when I worked part time on a beauty counter. I was absolutely fascinated by the way could accentuate and transform as well as the way it boosts confidence.  When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. I studied business in college and embarked on a career in sales and marketing.  All the while I was the ‘go to’ for my friends and family when they needed advice on products or wanted to look great for an event. When I was asked to do the s for my friend’s wedding it really ignited my passion. I studied with the amazing Nicola Graham in The Rooms. I then got my ITEC qualifications and started building my business. Now almost 16 years later, as well as being a bridal artist, I look after clients for events and private lessons. I also host masterclasses along with some television and editorial work.

What do you love most about being a make – up artist for brides?

I love every single aspect of working with my brides. Starting from the first meeting at the trial and consultation for play and wedding chats, feeling the excitement for them driving to location on the morning. There’s a lovely buzz with family and friends getting ready together. Then you have that magical moment when she sees all the elements coming together – , hair, dress and flowers. But most of all I get absolute joy transforming my brides into the most beautiful version of themselves. Knowing that they feel the most stunning and confident that they have ever felt before.

makeup artist putting lipstick on a bride

What makes bridal makeup different from an everyday look?  

My bridal is carefully crafted to look stunning in person, photograph beautifully and be flawless throughout the day and night. I layer products and textures to create ‘a lit from within, your skin but better’ base and a mesmerising dimension and depth that makes the eyes just pop.



What should brides look for when selecting the right makeup artist?

Do your research, firstly choose an experienced bridal artist. Find someone used to the run of a wedding morning, all makeup artists starting out should assist on bridal until they are experienced enough to manage a morning solo. Next check out their work, be mindful of images that are edited and filtered.  Take the time to read reviews.  Then I would always suggest scheduling a call for a quick chat to get a sense of how you will mesh and work together. I feel this is important as your artist will be up close and personal on one of the important mornings of your life. You really want to be comfortable together.

What is the most common mistake brides can make when it comes to their wedding makeup? 

You won’t have any mistakes when you are in the hands of a pro. One of the most common misconceptions I find is that Brides think they will need a heavier base so it will ‘last all day’ and ‘for the photo’s’. A long lasting beautiful is not about slathering on lots of product, it’s about using the right products with the correct technique and considered placement (most faces will require a little bit more coverage in some areas that others) and blended seamlessly. A Bridal should not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful on the skin.


What’s the best way a bride can prep her skin before having her make- up done?

100% a great skin care routine will give the best canvas to paint. I cannot recommend getting a professional skincare consultation enough. From there choosing the correct treatments, products and regime to look after your skin.  Your face will thank you forever!  As well as improving your skin in the longer term, taking some time out for some skin pampering, in a salon and at home will provide some nice self-care among the busyness of wedding planning.

What products should all brides have handy for touch-ups on the big day? 

With a professional application all a bride should need throughout the day is their lip products and pressed powder.

bridal party

Do you recommend a trial run before the wedding?

Absolutely!  Not only is an opportunity to trial and perfect the makeup but for me it’s time for my brides and I to get to know each other properly.

What’s the most important tip you have for brides having their make- up done on the wedding morning?

Use a gorgeous hydrating sheet mask either the night before or early that morning. Two of my favourites would be Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask.  Also the serum packed Starskin Red Carpet Ready Hydrating Masks (with this one you can apply the excess serum all over your décolletage and arms for glowing skin all over).

Not related but you’ve reached the day you’ve been planning for months, maybe years. Now is the time to sit back and let the your bride squad and pampering crew look
after you!  The morning whizzes by so make sure take a few private moments for yourself  to pause, take a breath, be mindful and soak it all in.

What are the new trends for 2021?

Importantly I would always encourage my brides to be true to their own style rather than changing their look completely to one that is on trend. It’s really important to feel like yourself on your special day. If your signature style is a bold wing liner then wear it on your wedding day while incorporating ‘trending’ elements that you love.

For 2021 I see bridal that is all about Natural glam – a fresh glow, products being used to enhance rather than mask and create an effortlessly beautiful finish.  Cherubic blush, fluttery lashes, softer smoky eyes in beautiful tones of browns, beiges and roses. We’ll see more brides opting for a pop of colour on their lips  – reds, corals and magenta’s but applied delicately, more of a modern stain than a bold statement lip.

How has Covid 19 affected how you work?

I wear both a mask and a face shield at all times with my clients. Hand sanitisation is so stringent with hands been scrubbed between clients and sanitiser used continually throughout applications. Each client has their own individual set of freshly sanitised brushes (this is something I have always practiced so I didn’t have to adapt) and a sealed pack of disposables and sterilised tools for their individual application – cotton pads, mascara wands, spatula, mixing palette etc). Powder products are scraped out so the brushes don’t come into contact with product palettes which ensures no ‘double dipping’ and all products are thoroughly sanitised after each application with a specialised antibacterial spray.

As well as the sanitiser and ISO alcohol that were always in my kit. I now also carry my own soap, disinfectant liquid, spray and wipes to prepare my work surfaces. Rather than a towel to lay on my station I bring disposable couch roll which is changed in between every application.

How far in advance of her wedding should a bride book her make up artist?

Literally as soon as you have a date and venue booked, especially if you have your heart set on a particular artist.  Great makeup artists usually book out 12-18 months in advance.

bride and groom holding hands

I hope you found this bride guide about wedding makeup tips helpful. Wishing you the very best in planning your wedding. For more tips on how to have a stress free wedding morning click here.